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Youtube Review: Youtuber Chef Joshua Weissman Challenged Uncle Roger

Youtuber Joshua Weissman known for his cooking videos and excellent B-rolls made finally made a dish that stoked any Asian’s hunger; fried rice. Naturally, Uncle Roger could ‘smell’ his agenda and made a video reacting to the challenge.

Joshua Weissman is a Youtube content creator with more than 3 million subscribers to date. After Uncle Roger shamed ‘ang moh’ chef’s attempts at making the comfort food ‘fried rice’, Joshua saw the opportunity for a challenge.

So far, Jamie Olliver has been well-roasted by Uncle Roger for his version of fried rice. Those who succeeded like Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Sherson Lian have been awarded the title ‘uncle’. And now, Joshua is chasing after that sacred title too.

In his series ‘But Better’, he often transforms normal comfort food into a five-star gourmet. And he did the same with our beloved ‘nasi goreng’.

Watch as he turned this comfort food into something better but without disrespecting the culture – as Jamie Oliver did. And of course, Uncle Roger’s spidey-sense anything when it comes to fried rice.


Lo and behold, Uncle Roger delivers. With his roasting of Joshua’s method yet at the same time impressed, Joshua is finally awarded the title ‘uncle’ and henceforth be called ‘Uncle Joshua’. Although, the comedian teased that the cook preferred to be called ‘papa’.

Picture: mrnigelng


Joshua Weissman then replied and stated that he felt honored with Uncle Roger’s approval. This proves that now, every cook needs Uncle Roger’s approval, representing all Asians for their ‘nasi goreng’.

Picture: mrnigelng

Source: Youtube mrnigelng

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