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Practice Good Etiquettes In Life, Here Are 5 Manners To Show Respect Towards The Elders

Respecting our elders should definitely be a courtesy ingrained in every single one of us. Common grace and also manners are to treat elders with dignity and respect. Sadly, these important dignities have been largely forgotten in today’s society. Manners seem to be more and more disappearing. Generally, youth nowadays probably do not spend as much time around older folks, talking at the dinner table, or even practicing manners as they are too busy.

Even though you are from different generations, you can still connect with your elders by giving them the respect that they really deserve. Being gracious to everyone, regardless of their age actually shows your true character. Because of that, you should really understand and practice these 5 manners to show respect towards the elders.

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1) Give Your Time And Attention

Most people who are older than you will appreciate having your attention in blocks of time. Enjoy conversation about a topic you have in common. Sit down with the elderly person and show that you care. Play a board game or watch a movie together. Feel free to ask questions about their experience, and then listen. If something is upsetting, chances are, he or she will let you know.

2) Make Eye Contact And Smile 

When approaching or greeting your elders, always make eye contact. This shows that you acknowledge their presence. A warm smile from you can make this person’s otherwise dreary day much brighter.

3) Offer Assistance 

When an elderly person approaches an entrance to a building, hold the door and allow him or her to go first. Offer to reach something on a high or low shelf in a store or at home. Be aware of any disability the person may have and help according to what he or she needs. Any kind or generous thing you do to make their lives easier will be appreciated.

4) Show Good Manners 

Most of your elders were taught proper etiquette when they were children, and they deserve good manners from you in return. Always say, “Please,” and “Thank you.” They need to know that the generations following them are civil enough to carry on.

5) Shake Hands 

If you are meeting this person for the first time or if you haven’t seen him or her in a while, shake hands. This is such a simple yet friendly gesture that lets the person know you have manners, and you’re not afraid to use them.

Sources: The Spruce.

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