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Use These 7 Effective Ways To Help Deodorize Clothes Without Washing

As a human being in this world, once you know how to properly wash your clothes, it should become a regular part of your weekly routine. Normally, it is such a good idea to throw your dirty clothes in for a good washing after every wear, but some items can be worn three to four times before washing. This tactic also helps to save water usage a lot.

In this day and age of environmental awareness, it is actually wise to save on water. This not only helps to preserve the environment but also cuts down on household costs. The good news is that there are a number of really good ways to deodorize your clothes without washing them at all. If you want to save water and also money, here are 7 ways in which you can make your clothes smell good without resorting to using your own washing machine at home.

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1) Use A Natural Lemon Spray

Mix 15 ml of lemon juice with 180 ml of water. Pour your homemade deodorizer into a clean spray bottle and spritz it all over your smelly clothes. Then, hang them up to dry. This spray works best for white clothes since the lemon juice could bleach your colorful clothes.

2) Stick Stinky Clothes In The Freezer

Fold your items and put them in a sealable bag. Then, pop it in the freezer overnight. When you check on your clothes in the morning, the stinky smell should be gone. It’s thought that cold temperatures can kill odor-causing bacteria.

3) Use A Baking Soda Paste To Remove Sweat Smells

Stir a few spoonfuls of water into the baking soda to make a thick paste. Turn your clothes inside out and rub the paste onto the stinky areas. This works really well for armpit odors, for instance. Once the paste dries, brush it off and turn your clothes right side out. You can probably brush off the dried paste by hand, but if it’s not coming off easily wipe it with a dry brush.

4) Make A Sachet Pouch For Storing Your Clothes

Pop a scented sachet into your drawers to keep your clothes fresh. This is also a great trick if you’ll be traveling, just tuck a pouch into your suitcase. To make a scented sachet, pour all these ingredients into a cloth bag and seal it closed:

  • 2 cups of uncooked rice
  • 40 drops of essential oils like lavender
  • 1 cup of dried rosemary

5) Air Out Your Clothes

Shake out stinky clothes and hang them out in the sunshine. If you’ve got sweaty workout clothes and no time to wash them, don’t leave them wadded up in your gym bag. Sometimes, just taking them out and hanging them on a drying rack on a clothesline in the sunshine can work wonders. Give the clothes a few hours to air out before you check to see if they’re still smelly. Sunlight can kill bacteria on clothes, but it can also fade fabrics so you may want to put vibrant-colored clothes in the shade or on a drying rack in your home.

6) Toss The Clothes In A Bag With A Dryer Sheet

Seal the bag and shake it so the fabric’s coated with the scent. Then, leave the clothes in the sealed bag for about 10 minutes so the fresh smell is strong. When you take them out, you’ll have clothes that smell brand new. If you’re deodorizing black clothing, check it when you take it out of the bag. If you see white residue from the dryer sheet, just brush it off.

7) Get Rid Of Body Odor With White Vinegar

Turn sweaty clothes inside out and make a diluted vinegar spray. Just fill a clean bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water. Then, spritz it over the smelly fabric. Let the fabric dry completely, the vinegar smell and the odor should disappear. Don’t use apple cider vinegar since the distinctive smell might not fade completely.

Sources: Wiki How.

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