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(Video) Be Aware of These 5 Red Flags That You Could Take Note In Job Interview!

In a job interview, if you do not feel like you are being heard or even if the hiring manager does all the talking in the interview and does not appear to listen to your comments or ask thoughtful questions about your career goals and also past accomplishments, that is a red flag. These are some examples that you have to take note of in any job interview.

Well, there are actually a number of interview red flags that you can look out for that should help you spot bad hiring managers. You could easily spot them by realizing all the illegal interview questions that they might have been asked towards you the entire interview process. These are 5 red flags that you should be aware of from the hire management.

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5 red flags that you could take note of in any job interview:

1) The employer has a very high turnover of staff.

2) There are lots of negative employee reviews on websites.

3) The interviewer looks disinterested throughout the interview.

4) The answers to your questions at the end of the interview are vague.

5) A lack of transparency during the interview could indicate a toxic work environment.

Sources: TikTok CareerVidz.

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