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A Netizen’s Guide To Placing The Exit 141 IPOH Signboard Correctly

Pictures: TikTok RAIKOV 6969, Pinterest

Every roadway in the world has these signboards. It’s to guide the drivers of the warnings, cautions, the next R&R stop or the desired exit. In Malaysia, we specifically see these exit signboards on highways. The green-coloured board with white letters can be seen from afar.

Although the signboards have been upgraded today, it wasn’t the case before. The signboard wasn’t as visible, and many might have missed the exit.

We didn’t mean to laugh. But Malaysians can be so funny without them trying too hard. And they are a creative bunch too.

While scrolling the TikTok feed, we stumbled on this video.


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♬ original sound – Suhana suhod – Suhana suhod

At first, we were a bit confused. But then, oh!

This is a red zone for many drivers! Many have missed the Ipoh exit! Highways aren’t like the usual road. You can’t make a sudden stop and reverse your car. That will harm other drivers on the road!

Therefore, apart raziq (@AparRaziq) advised not to panic if you miss the 141 exit Ipoh. You can get out of your car and walk toward the exit.

If you think this is ridiculous, it’s not! The next exit is Kuala Kangsar, but it’s 50 km away… you wouldn’t want to miss about half an hour on the road, would you?

Frustratingly, the total distance would be 100 km if you’re going back to Ipoh. It’s not worth your time, stress and fuel.

Netizens agreed this is the best way to place the signboard

They collectively shared the pain of missing the exit. Oh, no!


Picture: TikTok RAIKOV 6969

Some also jokingly say those who miss the exit can always go to Kuala Kangsar.


Picture: TikTok RAIKOV 6969

Many drivers might overlook this exit because they’re speeding in the right lane. Since it’s the highway, many want to test their car and live the Fast and Furious life for once. But! Speeding makes them miss the exit! Now, they have to drive 50 km more to Kuala Kangsar for the next exit…

Maybe the Ministry of Public Works Malaysia (JKR) can consider putting up these signs so drivers won’t miss the exit anymore.

Sources: TikTok RAIKOV 6969, Twitter apar raziq

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