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(Video) Be Careful With These ‘916’ Mark! Not All of Them Are Authentic Gold

916 gold is actually nothing but 22-carat gold. The particular 916 marks on any gold are basically used to denote the purity of gold in the final product. It is important for buyers to know that they get the authentic 916 marks. The value and authenticity of gold have been a concern ever since it was first used as a symbol of wealth and a form of currency.

Little did many people know, there is definitely another mark that has been used on the gold other than the authentic 916 marks. Unfortunately, those marks other than the authentic 916 marks mean that the gold is not original and each of the marks actually brings its own meaning for the type of gold that the gold was made from.

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  • 916 GL – This means that the gold is Gold Layer.
  • 916 GP – This means that the gold is Gold Plated.
  • 916 GZ – This means that the gold is Gold Zhulian.
  • 916 GK – This means that the gold is Gold Korea.
  • 916 GEP – This means that the gold is Gold Electroplate.
  • 916 GF – This means that the gold is Gold Filled.

Sources: TikTok Rina.Fazila.

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