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(Video) Did You Know? These Coffee Benefits Can Help Reduce COVID-19 Risk

A shot of coffee is enough to keep you up and running. In fact, there is news of a study that has been performed in the US, and the results reveal that coffee might help to reduce the risk of COVID-19. According to the study, people who consume one or even more cups of coffee per day have nearly 10% less chance of getting infected by the deadly COVID-19, in comparison to those who are not consuming coffee at all.

Coffee consumption has positive effects on CRP, interleukin-6 (IL-6), and tumor necrosis factor I (TNF-I). The point to be noted here is that these biomarkers are also linked to Covid-19 severity and mortality. These are the benefits of coffee that can help to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

@drsyidayobSiapa sini geng minum kopi? Team ##kopi atau team ##teh? ūüėč‚ô¨ original sound – Dr Syid Ayob Al Qudri

  1. Coffee helps to reduce the inflammation marker that usually would get increased if that person got infected with COVID-19.
  2. This inflammation marker will determine the severity of the symptom and also the mortality of COVID-19 infection.
  3. Coffee naturally has high antioxidants ingredients that really help to reduce the inflammation in the body.
  4. The study also shows that high vegetable intake could also increase the immune system of the body.
  5. A high intake of processed meat could increase the risk of getting infected with COVID-19.

Sources: TikTok Dr Syid Ayob Al Qudri.

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