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(Video) Did You Know? You Could Be Fined If You Do These 5 Peculiar Things!

In any country including Malaysia, it is very important to have a large array of laws in place to aid the government and also the administration of the nation. Because many of these laws may have been written at a time when social norms, morality, and even technology is far different from what it is now and over time, are less commonly enforced.

Just because these laws are enforced less over the years, it is only natural that many of them go unnoticed by the public unless you work closely with the law. For some people, these rules might have been implemented to some weird things but it is actually suited the situation. These are 5 peculiar things in Malaysia that you could be fined for.

@lawyergandhiPerkara pelik yang boleh kena Saman di Malaysia! #tiktok #peguam #malaysia #lawyer #tiktokmalaysia♬ The Magic Bomb (Questions I Get Asked) [Extended Mix] – Hoàng Read

Take note of these 5 things before you commit it in Malaysia because you might get fined for it:

1) Riding an elephant publicly down the street in Malaysia.

2) Singing obscene songs in public loudly.

3) Fortune telling.

4) Melt a house that is made of ice.

5) Being drunk in public areas.

Sources: TikTok Lawyer Gandhi.

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