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(Video) Shocking! Look At These Deadliest Routes For Adrenaline Junkies!

We are lucky enough if we don’t have to risk our lives on our everyday commute. Unlike some people living in the outback or hills area, roads can be one creepy place. But what choice do they have except to brace themselves and hope to make it out alive?

Below are 7 routes that only an insane person would dare take:

7) Himalayan Cliffside

Picture: Escape Himalaya

If you’re taking a bus ride in the Himalayan mountains, you might have to go through this crazy road. The road is so narrow to the point of the driver has to get out and assess the road to prevent the whole bus from going down the cliff. The narrow passageway is crazy enough but a waterfall comes after that. The bus will have to pass under the waterfall that makes the road slippery and dangerous. Drivers aren’t allowed to make a single mistake as the situation would be terrifying.

6) Rohtang Pass

Picture: Google

Located in India, Rohtang Pass connects two important valleys, Kulu valley, and Spiti valley. The road is only 32 miles long but every second on it feels will feel like a year as it is 13,000 feet above sea level! The worst part about this pass is, it is a narrow dirt road. Even narrower than a bus! Luckily, the other part of the pass is not as bad and tourists would enjoy the scenery and even family picnics.

5) Eyre Highway

Picture: Tom Tom

This highway holds the longest and straight highway in the world title. The longest straight part of the road is called ‘Nullarbor Plain’. You will have to drive for 91 miles for you to see the first curve before you face another straight and long road. It sounds safe as the road is well-built and it is not located on any cliff but the chance for wild animals to suddenly jump in front of your car is very likely here. And also, drivers tend to get sleepy when they are driving along a straight road for 1030 miles.

4) Vitim Bridge

Picture: Google

The most dangerous bridge in the entire world is located in Russia with only about 30 people that managed to cross it. The 1870 foot long bridge is six feet wide above the freezing cold river.

3) Guoliang Tunnel

Picture: China Discovery

Carved on the right side of a mountain, this tunnel stands only 13 feet wide and 75 miles long. During the Han Dynasty, the Guoliang village can’t easily be reached. Not wanting to miss out on anything, 13 people of the village sold their livestock to fund the project of the tunnel. After one tragic death and months of hard work, they finally managed to build the Guoliang Tunnel that remains as one of the main attractions for the village up until today.

2) Leh-Manali Highway

Picture: Google

As you could have possibly guessed based on the name, this highway connects Leh to Manali, two popular regions of India. Driving through this highway, the average height would be 13,000 feet above sea level but the highest you’ll go is 17,480 feet. Due to the weather conditions, the highway is only opened from the middle of May to October which is 5 months a year. The other 60% of the year, no one can cross from Leh to Manali and vice versa. Luckily, the Indian government has recently built a tunnel that could connect those two regions.

1) Tianmen Mountain

Picture: Viator

Located in China, it overlooks the national park. But that’s not the catchy part. There is a 200-foot bridge that stands 4,700 feet in the air! Built on the side of the mountain, people enjoy walking around to look around the beautiful nature but looking down might not be the best idea as the floor is made out of glass! Surely, it can sustain a hefty weight but the view of the cliff underneath will make your knees weak.

Sources: YouTube Mind Twister

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