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(Video) The Mystical Creature of Batak Land, ‘Begu Ganjang’ Used To Search For Wealth

In Sumatra, especially the Batak land area, namely the North Sumatra Province, Indonesia has its own mystical creature. It is known as the Begu Ganjang and it is a ghost that was used to search for wealth, provided that sacrifice human life as sacrificed. Begu means the spirit while the Ganjang means high.

The ghost of Begu Ganjang is initially shaped like a child, if you still see then it will turn high and your neck is his target. Myth, the ghost of Begu Ganjang in ancient times deliberately maintain by the tribe Batak to keep the fields or agricultural land.

It is said that begu has many types, Sombaon, Solobean, Silan, and Begu Ganjang. Of all these types of ghosts, Begu Ganjang is the most feared. Now, the function of the ghost of Begu Ganjang changes to search for wealth. The ghost owner Begu Ganjang has to kill someone to get the wealth. Myth, ghost Begu Ganjang work at night, especially from 12 am until 04.00 pm.

The ghost of Begu Ganjang often targeting women who have just given birth. Additionally, to get wealth, Begu Ganjang ghosts can also be commanded to kill someone. Another issue that circulated was that Begu Ganjang came from the spirit of a dead baby. Before seven days, the baby’s organs were stolen by a black shaman who then beat it into Begu Ganjang. Until now, the people’s fear of Begu Ganjang’s figure has been very disturbing. In fact, people in this modern era still often carry out the ritual of expelling spirits by summoning a shaman who is believed to have supernatural powers.

There have been many extreme actions carried out by the community against residents accused of maintaining Begu Ganjang. The ghost of Begu Ganjang would be very angry if he saw human bones burned. If the ghost of Begu Ganjang is angry, then the owner is his target.

Sources:, YouTube YTCrash Plus.

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