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(Video) Useful To Fix Flat Tires While Travel! Introducing ‘Xiaomi Portable Air Pump’

An air pump is actually such a very useful tool that helps to fix flat tires and many others within seconds and saves you from situations when there is no mechanic nearby. Their lightweight and easy-to-carry designs make them portable for easy carrying and also to ensure tire safety in many situations. One example is ‘Xiaomi Portable Air Pump’.

The function of ‘Xiaomi Portable Air Pump’ is very simple. Air flows into the compressor and is compressed by a piston which is driven by a crankshaft. The piston moves down and creates a vacuum above the piston. This allows air from the outside of the air compressor to flow in. The piston moves up and compresses the air above the piston.

If you buy the ‘Xiaomi Portable Air Pump’, you will get a device the size of a power bank, with which you can inflate almost anything without physical effort. In addition to the compressor itself, the package includes a charging cable and a hose with a length of 180 mm with an end cap for car tires, adapter for “Presta” or ball valve on bicycles, needle on the ball, and practical textile bag for storage.

‘Xiaomi Portable Air Pump’ has the power of 150 psi, an integrated battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh, an LCD display, and easy operation with five buttons. In addition, the buttons are backlit. The use of physical buttons is very easy instead of touch buttons on the display. The processing gives a quality impression, the plastics do not creak even after being pushed in various places. The device itself weighs 437 grams.

So you inflate almost anything with a compressor. But you will appreciate it more with smaller wheels or balls. Because it is relatively small, it takes a little longer to inflate the car’s wheels, which may not suit everyone. According to the manufacturer, you inflate it with one charge per charge of 41 soccer balls or 8 souls of a bicycle, eventually, 6 wheels of a motorcycle whether 5 car tires.

In the upper part of the compressor, you will also find a practical LED light for illumination in poor lighting conditions. The light intensity is comparable to conventional LEDs of mobile phones. Excitingly, this particular ‘Xiaomi Portable Air Pump’ can easily be bought because it is available on the Shopee app. Go get yours now.

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