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YouTube Review: Memories! Here Are 7 Thai Songs That Popular In Malaysia!

There are actually a lot of Thai songs that got a special place in the heart of many Malaysians throughout the long centuries. According to the source, rhythmically and metrically Thai music is steady in tempo, regular in pulse, divisive, in simple duple meter, without swing, with little syncopation, and with the emphasis on the final beat of a measure or group of pulses and phrase as opposed to the first as in European-influenced music.

Many Thai songs have gotten really popular in Malaysia and Malaysians are enjoying them so much. Some people love the beat of the music, the meaning of the song, and even the singers who sing the song. These are 7 Thai songs that really topping the chart in Malaysia before.

1) Koo Gud – Bird Thongchai

2) Oh Oh Oh – China Dolls

3) Sabai Sabai – Bird Thongchai

4) Yarng Nee Tong Tee Kao – Tom Dundee

5) Fan Ja – Bird Thongchai

6) Made In Thailand – Carabao

7) Watch Her Do It (Doo-Doo-Doo: Job 2 Do) – Job Converge

Sources: Koo Gud, Oh Oh Oh, Sabai Sabai, Yarng Nee Tong Tee Kao, Fan Ja, Made In Thailand, Watch Her Do It (Doo-Doo-Doo: Job 2 Do).

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