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YouTube Review: ‘Scaredy Cat’, A CGI Animated Short Film That Tells Cats Real Fear

Cats are brave, smart, and intuitive animals. Although widely known to be mischievous and playful, cats have their own fear too. Just like how humans are afraid of ghosts, cats fear cucumbers! That is unbelievable, but you can try putting a cucumber in front of your cats to see how they would react.

Zombie Studio with adam&eveDDB and in partnership with BlinkInk has directed and produced a short movie for Temptations Cat Treats. The frightening 4-minute short movie shows a cat playing by himself at nighttime before something terrifying happens to him.

The movie started off scary and serious but as the story folds, the unexpected plot twist will leave you laughing in your seat. The atmosphere is gloomy, suitable for the theme of this short movie, and the storyline focus on the main character that happens to be awake at night all by himself. He then continued to play with a ball of yarn, rolling into the living room and then the kitchen before he stumbled upon his worst enemy, a cucumber.

Everything about this short movie is applaud-worthy but one thing that is outstanding than the rest is the quality of the CGI animation. It looks almost real, doubting the truth behind ‘CGI animated’ from the title. They have perfected the computer-generated animation so precisely that we can actually see the cat’s furs clearly.

The video posted on YouTube received positive comments with 2.9k likes. Some complimented the detailed editing and the rest left hilarious comments. There are even comments that shared real-life experiences with their cats.

Sources: YouTube CGMeetup

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