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(Video) Unbelievable! These Several School Punishments Goes Beyond Limits!

Punishment or in other words, correction in school is necessary when it comes to educating children. Some common types of punishment are standing outside class, squats, seeing the principal, and many more. However, there are some cases where punishments go beyond limits, and here are some of them.

Through a video uploaded on TikTok by @hafizuddinmuhd18, there are several types of punishments imposed by teachers on students that can be said to be quite outrageous

There was one teacher in Albuquerque who called the police because one of her students ‘belahak’ in class. As a result, the student was put into juvenile prison. However, later on, the teacher was found guilty because what she did was considered child bully.

@hafizuddinmuhd18Denda sekolah yang dahsyat #JomBelajar #TikTokGuru #LearnOnTikTok♬ Aquarium – Kevin MacLeod

Then we have another teacher in New Jersey who stuffed a child into a bag. The victim was only 9 years old. He was in the bag for almost 20 minutes because he was mischievous. After the incident, it is said that the teacher was fired.

Another incident happened in New Jersey where a child split water. The teacher then forced all her students to eat on the floor for about 10 days. Soon after, the school was fined USD $500.

There’s a saying that goes ‘correction is the first step to success’. Correcting is never wrong but it always depends on the method used.

Sources: TikTok Muhd Hafizuddin

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