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(Video) Know About This! The Proper Use of Sanitizer Spray Machines!

There is actually an increasing number of people in this whole wide world nowadays that use sanitizer spray machines in their homes. According to their beliefs, this particular machine could help to kill all the bacteria and also the virus that might be in contact with their items at home and also the surrounding. Used to be with one design to buy, now there is a lot of sanitizer spray machine in stores. Little did people know, this machine has its own health danger.

It is actually not a health danger that could make people become sicker on using it, but people tend to use this sanitizer spray machine as they like and forgetting on how to use it correctly. That is why some people would get the negative consequences of using this sanitizer spray machine. To be more informed, these are the health dangers.

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These are some of the negative consequences of using it the wrong way:

1) The chemicals used in sanitizer spray machines would float in the air and the longer it floats, it could cause danger to the respiration of human beings when they inhale them. Make sure that there is no huge crowd when using it.

2) The chemicals used are also dangerous to the eyes and skin when exposed to them for a long time. Do not use it directly to the skin as it could be so dangerous.

3) When using this sanitizer spray machine in the open air, the tiny droplets of the chemical can fall on any food if there is food nearby and it could be poisonous.

4) Avoid spraying near children’s play areas as the content of the sanitizer spray machine could possibly be very dangerous for the child.

5) Some disinfectants can cause asthma attacks. Avoid spraying near people with asthma.

Sources: TikTok fatina2711.

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