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(Video) Shocking! This Are The Most Controversial Candy Ever Created!

Who doesn’t love candies? From children to adults, every one of us has a taste bud for sweets. Candies come in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, designs, and flavors. But the purpose remains the same, which is to bring a smile to your face. Although too much intake of it is not good, there are a few benefits we can reap from it.

Eating candies help satisfy our cravings. Sometimes we crave sweet stuff and by just popping candy into our mouth, problem solved. And if you’re feeling low, candy can alleviate your happiness just like that! But, not all candies are sugar, spice, and everything nice, What if I told you some candies are….dangerous!

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Hippy Sippy is a candy that was created in the late 1960s was made in Japan and imported by R. J Albert & Sons. It got its name from the packing, which consisted of tiny, multi-colored pellets in a toy plastic bottle. The goal was to evoke drug use in hippie culture, firstly through the toy bottle, which served as a recall of heroin, and, secondarily, through the multi-colored candies, which served as a reminder of uppers and lowers. A button bearing the phrases “Hippy Sippy says I’ll try anything” and “please feed me” was included. To eat this candy, one has to suck out the chocolate balls through a ‘needle’.

However, Hippy Sippy sparked immediate controversy and enraged a large number of individuals. It was quickly taken off the market, but because of its cultural shock value, it is still remembered.

So whatever candy you are buying or giving to your children, make sure you check on it first. Although it is just candy and contains only candies, the looks of it and method to eat the candies might provoke bad habits in a long run.

Sources: TikTok Muhd Hafizuddin

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