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(Video) Things You Need To Aware When Using ‘Sanitizer Spray Machine’!

Living during this COVID-19 pandemic situation nowadays would definitely make every single person in this whole wide world be extra careful with their surrounding. Even though many people have decided on ordering things and also foods online rather than to go to the store itself, some self precaution steps must be taken to make sure the orders that arrived at our house are completely clean. This is why people get their hands on sanitizer spray machines.

This particular machine uses atomizers to disinfect any area. These sanitizer spray machines also would spray the disinfectants in a way that can kill the germs and viruses at any solid surface. But, little did a lot of people know, there are some important things that need to be aware of when using this machine. This video will explain it.

@ben_esteel_oeBkn semua sanitizer blh letak dlm spray machine‼️##tiktokguru ##youngcreators ##jombelajar ##studytipsguru ##esteelmalaysia ##oeacademy ##kitajagakita♬ original sound – Ben Low

These are some details that you should take note of when using the sanitizer spray machine:

  • If you use the wrong type of sanitizer with the sanitizer spray machine, it will tend to damage your respiratory system and also your lungs.
  • Use the suitable sanitizer that can be used with the sanitizer spray machine and the best option would be the non-alcohol sanitizer.
  • You should also wear your face mask when you are using the sanitizer spray machine.

Sources: TikTok Ben Low.

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