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YouTube Review: Checkout These Top 10 Military Uniforms!

Military uniforms are a form of standardised and unique attire, which are generally a symbol of organised military troops provided by a central authority, and are designed for identification and exhibition. Not all uniforms are created equal. Often when we think about the military we associate it with those muddy green with brown coloured attires. But it doesn’t have to always be that way.

Military uniforms not only come in different countries, colours and designs but even in their service, there is a difference.  Here are 10 military uniforms in the world that are rated from the best to worst and is different from how we’ve been thinking all this while.

#1- US Marine Corps

#2- Royal Regiment of Scotland 

#3- Argentinian Mountain Grenadiers Regiment

#4- US Coast Guard Service

#5- US Navy Service 

#6- The US Army Service

#7-US Air Force Service

#8-Spanish Legion

#9-Yeomen Warders aka Beefeaters

#10-North Korean People’s Army

What can be said

Honestly, I didn’t think military uniforms have to be pretty because you end up getting stains anyway. But I like how some countries portray their service and dedication by their outfits. The military uniform that I find appealing in the US Marine Corps, US Army Service, US Coast Guard Service and US Navy Service. They look classy and the colour is not too striking and not too dull, it just looks perfect.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland’s military outfit seems cute. I like the top part which looks reasonable but towards the lower part, they were wearing skirts. How is that even possible. You’re going to war and you need to protect your whole body at any cost but these outfits make it seem that war is just some fashion show.

And the one that really made me laugh, was the Yeomen Warders aka Beefeaters’ military outfit. They look so fancy and bright! Definitely not an ideal outfit if you’re going for an undercover mission. Wonder who or what inspired that design. I don’t really like the North Korean People’s Army simply because it’s entirely brown and if I were part of that army, I would be less enthusiastic to even go to war. But on the bright side, these guys can blend in really well if they need to hide. As for the Spanish Legion, the outfit isn’t that appealing and looked almost like some security guard.

But despite the outfit, these guys have given their best to protect their country from harm at all costs. So we’ll let their fashion sense slide for that one reason!

Sources: Real Men Real Style

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