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Viral Sensation ‘Baby Shark’ Will Get Its Own Full-Length Movie

Without a doubt, the Baby Shark song is definitely one of the viral sensations that happens all over the world. Since then, there have been so many exciting and amazing things that got incorporated with Baby Shark. That is why it is indeed so famous. As a matter of fact, the music video of Baby Shark has set an impressive YouTube record, gaining up to 10 billion views. Due to that, Baby Shark is now officially announced to be having its own full-length movie.

Said to be still in the development process, the particular full-length movie of Baby Shark is planned to be released in the year 2023. The news was officially announced by Paramount Plus and it going to be co-produced by Pinkfong Company and also Nickelodeon Animation. A lot of fans would be really excited waiting for this Baby Shark movie.

Picture: We Got This Covered

Other than the full-length movie, there are also some other productions for Baby Shark that will be released soon for all of the fans out there. Some of them would be the series that is called Baby Shark’s Big Show! just get the approval for the second season and also there is going to be a sequel for Pinkfong and Baby Shark’s Space Adventure show.

Sources: Billboard, The Verge, Business Insider.

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