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Traditional Indonesian Dances That Are Unique And Bring Mysterious Vibe

traditional Indonesian dances

Traditional Indonesian dances are something that many people do not know about. Plus, if the dances are actually so unique and also bring a mysterious vibe to the dancers and all the viewers. For those who might not know, Indonesia is definitely a country that is rich in culture. It includes the food, the architecture, the language used, and the dances.

Uniquely, so many of these dances contain magical elements. People who see them would react even more to the beat and the actions of the dances. They might look scary but it is a part of their culture and people should respect that.

Traditional Indonesian Dances

1) Sintren Dance

Firstly, the Sintren Dance is a traditional dance originating from the northern coast of Java Island such as Pemalang and also Cirebon. It is closely related to the figure of Dewi Lanjarsari, the queen of rulers of the north coast of the island of Java. The Sintren Dance dancer must be a young woman who is still a virgin and comes from a dancer’s family. The dancer could not move and then put in a cage to then recite prayers and mantras. When the cage is opened, the dancer will dance around with a more beautiful and sensual face because she has been possessed by the figure of Dewi Lanjarsari.

2) Calon Arang Dance

Secondly, the Calon Arang Dance is a traditional dance originating from the Province of Bali. This dance shows the magic of the dancers who can withstand the stab of kris, nails, glass, or even machetes. This power that they have comes from the ancestral spirits that possess the dancers’ bodies. Sometimes the audience who witnessed the dance will also experience the power and then participate in showing off the supernatural powers.

3) Seblang Dance

Thirdly, the Seblang Dance originates from Banyuwangi Regency and it is a symbol of the people’s gratitude to the almighty God for the safety of the village. The dancers who perform the Seblang Dance are all possessed by spirits and will continue to dance every night for seven consecutive days. There are two types of Seblang Dance. First is the Seblang Baungan Dance which the performers are dancers who the age are over 50 years. The second one is Seblang Bysari Dance which is the dancers are young dancers who have not menstruated.

4) Bedhaya Ketawang Dance

Next, this particular dance is indeed held once a year on the anniversary of the ascension of the King Surakarta Palace. It is performed by a total of nine women who must be virgins and not menstruating. Before performing, they must undergo various rituals such as fasting. During the dance, it is believed that the mystical figure of the Queen of the South Coast will appear as the tenth dancer and can only be seen by certain people.

5) Salai Jin Dance

Last but not least, this typical dance of the Ternate Tribe in North Maluku is full of a mystical aura that is manifest in the actions of the dancers so that it can be witnessed immediately. This unique dance is said to involve jinn in it. The dancers will be in a trance and they will perform extreme actions. Salai Jin is usually danced by an odd number of dancers.

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