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Malaysian Foods At IKEA? Japanese YouTuber Tries And Reviews Them All

Malaysian foods at IKEA

There have been wide selections of Malaysian Foods at IKEA recently. Due to that, a famous Japanese YouTuber that is known by the name iChang RM tries them all. Other than trying, iChang and also Jimmy review all the foods there.

Both of them have posted the reviews in the form of a video. The video is titled ‘This is why we love “Only in Malaysia Foods” at IKEA….!!!’. Looking at the posted video, they generally have positive feedback for all the foods they tried.

List Of Malaysian Foods At IKEA

1) Kaya Puff

According to them, the taste of this Kaya Puff is just nice. The filling of the kaya inside is so delicious. The taste of it would be so similar to apple pie. Other than sweet, it has a bit of sourness in it too. The dough tastes buttery as well. All in all, this Kaya Puff is definitely very nice and so good for them. You guys should try this when you visit IKEA.

2) Mini Ondeh-Ondeh

The size of it is very huge. They are kind of puzzled why is it called ‘mini’ when it is not mini at all. On the first slice of the mini Ondeh-Ondeh, they like how good it looks. After the first taste, they confirmed that it indeed has the taste of Ondeh-Ondeh. They said that it is shockingly delicious. The mini Ondeh-Ondeh served by IKEA consists of a pandan sponge and also Gula Melaka. They really said that this mini Ondeh-Ondeh is obviously the winner for today’s trip.

3) Spaghetti Chicken Rendang

There is a lot of meat in this Spaghetti Chicken Rendang and it looks yummy too. Definitely really worth the buy. It has a strong taste and also smells of Rendang. According to them, the flavor of it is really nice. The pasta is really solid and not soggy. The taste is so authentic. In addition, it is a little bit spicy. This food could be number 1 for them.

4) Curry Puff

It is also very huge. The inside of it is really fulfilling and it tastes a bit spicy. The curry puff has the taste of real and strong curry inside of it. They said that they can just eat this every day. You can try this curry puff when you go here.

5) Percik Chicken Sausage

It is amazingly so flavorful. Besides that, it is a bit spicy. They mentioned that this Percik Chicken Sausage might not be too spicy for the Malaysians. It becomes delicious because there are herbs and spices in it. Malaysian flavor is all over the Percik Chicken Sausage. They also mentioned that it has spiciness with coconut flavor inside it. So great!

6) Gula Melaka Ice Cream

They can really taste the Gula Melaka just by the first bite of it. It is also a little bit salty. With that, the taste really matched the sweetness taste of it. Gula Melaka Ice Cream has the taste of whipped cream. A strong delicious taste.

Sources: YouTube iChang RM.

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