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Simple Johorean Slang To Learn, They Sound So Interesting Too

simple Johorean slang

There is so much simple Johorean slang. Many people especially in Malaysia can learn these. Doing this not just only helps to increase your knowledge about someone’s slang. In addition, it also helps to know more about their culture.

If you somewhat feel it interesting to learn about some of the slang, worry not. This is because there is a video posted by a TikToker with the name ‘kakscha‘ recently. It indeed teaches some easy Johorean slang to all the other people.

@kakscha03 Ada banyak lagi kan. Jom tambah ūüėā #jdt #rancakraya #johor #fyp ‚ô¨ Che La Luna – Louis Prima

Simple Johorean Slang

1- Curry Puff (Karipap). In Johor, the word simply changes to Epok-Epok.

2- Blanket (Selimut). If you want to say it in Johor, the word would be Gebor.

3- Someone who cries a lot (Kuat nangis). The description for people like that in Johor is Kememeh.

4- Refrigerator (Peti sejuk). People in Johor called it Esbok.

5- Leak (Bocor). To call the word in Johorean is actually Bobos.

6- Inappropriate (Tak senonoh). The word in Johor is Tak semenggah.

7- Attitude (Perangai). In Johor, it is indeed called Pe’el.

8- Water (Air masak). The word in Johor is Air jarang.

9- Go together (Pergi sama-sama). It is called Saing.

These are some of the simple words that you can learn. They indeed sound so interesting. Really worth the learning.

Sources: TikTok kakscha.

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