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Strength Of Orangutans Many People Do Not Know, You Will Be Amazed

strength of orangutans

Recently, the orangutan has been a major topic for many. Many might not know about it but the strength of orangutans is surely one of the things that many people overlooked. Due to that, they are sometimes easily caught into trouble with these orangutans.

For those who do not aware, the orangutan is considered to be a great ape. They usually are native to Indonesia’s and Malaysia’s rainforests. For appearance, they have long arms and short legs. In addition to their reddish-brown hair covering their bodies.

Picture: Treehugger

According to a Tweet by ZoologiMY, people should always maintain a safe distance from them. There are several strong reasons for doing that. The strength of orangutans is said to be 5 to 7 times stronger than a full-grown adult. Other than that, their bite is also just slightly lower compared to an adult lion. Those are some of the reasons for you not to easily messed up with orangutans.

As stated on the website, these are some quick facts. Especially about the strength that they would really have.

  • Bite force: 575 PSI (2,560 N)
  • Arm strength for lifting: 500 pounds
  • Arm span: 7 to 8 feet
  • Weight: 73 to 180 pounds
  • Standing height: 4 to 5 feet

Despite all these strengths that orangutans have, people need to always remember this. They are indeed considered to be an endangered species. From multiple reports recently the particular species have already experienced population declines sharply.

Sources: Twitter, WildlifeBoss, World Wildlife.

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