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Travis Barker Hospitalized For Mystery Illness And Kourtney Is With Him

Travis Barker hospitalized

It is a piece of devastating news to know that Travis Barker hospitalized. On Tuesday morning, West Hills Hospital is his location. Throughout the situation, his own wife that is Kourtney Kardashian still at his side to accompany him. So sweet for both of them.

After his location at the West Hills Hospital, his condition then starting to get even serious. Because of that, the Cedars Sinai Medical Center is his next location. Behind the ambulance, Kourtney Kardashian can be seen following him in her Range Rover. The situation gets more worrying because not long before that, Travis Barker tweeted something. The tweet is, “God save me”.

The tweet posted to public at 10:45 AM PST and also on Tuesday morning. Despite the recent cryptic tweet, nobody still knows the true condition of Travis Barker himself. Neither the Kardashians nor even the Jenners give any comments about the situation.

Not long after that, one important clue that people could see is actually an Instagram story by Alabama Barker. She is none other than the 16-year-old daughter of Travis Barker. She has written on her Instagram story, ‘Please send your prayers” with an emoji.

Hopefully, nothing bad would happen when Travis Barker hospitalized. May everything goes well for him and also his families.

Sources: Twitter Travis Barker, Instagram Alabama Barker, Daily Mail.

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