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Nap Box In Japan Company, Prevents Overwork Problem For Employees

Nap Box is indeed the latest useful creation by a Japan Company. For those who might not know, the main reason for the creation is actually to become a perfect solution there. It is to solve Japan’s overwork problem. This is no doubt a wide problem in Japan.

Despite all the modern technologies in Japan, the overwork problem has been a very serious issue there. To help that, a Japanese company installs Nap Box so that their employees can sleep standing up. This would be very convenient for them if they are busy.

Picture: Itoki Corp.

As stated by the Bloomberg website, the Nap Box is in its plan preparation. The estimating and also accessibility have however to be chosen. The design ensures the head, body, and also knees of the individual are comfortably bolstered so that they will not fall.

Saeko Kawashima who is the communications director at Itoki stated, “In Japan, there are surely a lot of people who will lock themselves up in the bathroom for a while, which I do not think is healthy. It’s better to sleep in a comfortable location”. It is with high hope that this innovative creation could help employees in Japan. Important for the employees to take care of their health.

Sources: New York Post, Geo News, Yahoo News.

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