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Hit Point Meter Badges For Employees By Japanese Company

hit point meter badges

A company in Japan has recently introduced RPG hit point meter badges. This is actually to improve the communication ability among all the workers in the company. This is one of the most creative alternatives to see. Onken is the name of the company.

For those who might not know, it was indeed an idea from one of their employees. On the badges, people would see worker’s hit points. Easily said, it is much more similar to the HP or even health meter. That is usually featured for the character in an RPG.

hit point meter badges

Picture: Twitter onkenkenken

By using this kind of alternative, workers in the company can easily take note of how one another is feeling. Other than that, they also can look out for one another when they are at work. This company absolutely can be one of the most harmonious places ever.

There are a total of 3 different hit point meter badges to be worn by the employees:

  • Green bar (10,000 HP)
  • Yellow bar (3,899 HP)
  • Red bar (15 HP)

These different badges represent different situations faced by the employees themselves. They can just easily change their badges according to their feelings at that time. The Onken company hopes that it will result in all the employees helping each other out.

In addition, other workers in the company can also see if they are among them that are struggling. It can be either physically or even mentally. For those workers that have a problem expressing their own deep feelings to the public, this would be very helpful.

Sources: Grape, Twitter onkenkenken.

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