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Ryan Bakery As Fifa 2022 Face Made Exclusively By This Malaysian TikToker

Ryan Bakery is without a doubt one of the most famous individuals in Malaysia there is right now. Due to that, a lot of people on the TikTok app requested this TikToker use Ryan Bakery’s face as a new character in the Fifa 2022. That is definitely so amazing.

This TikToker then wastes no more time doing that. In a recently posted TikTok video, a lot of fans can see that all the steps taken by this TikToker explaining how he uses Ryan Bakery’s face on the Fifa character are great. Gladly, this is actually how it is done.

@abdmuizzr Replying to @bukhariazman Ryan Bakery in Fifa 22. Semat oo cane dia buat? @ryanbakery #facemaker #fifapc #fifa21 #fifa22 #fifa23 #ryanbakery ♬ River Flow (Calm Relaxing Harp and Strings Music) – FilipMusic

Looking at the comments section, many fans love how the Ryan Bakery outcome turns out. Even though the steps look so hard to be done, looking at the satisfying result is so incredible. To know more about it, these are some things that the fans said about it.

Picture: TikTok

Picture: TikTok

Hopefully, this TikToker would use a lot more Malaysian famous people to use as the face of Fifa players. This is definitely great. To be able to see Malaysian individuals get this kind of recognition is great achievement. Especially to the individuals themselves.

Sources: TikTok Fifa Facemaker.

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