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Air India Flight Attendant Praised For Soothing Toddler Mid-Flight

air india
Picture: @jeevan_jwa

A heartwarming video shows a flight attendant of Air India receiving praise after his efforts in soothing a toddler during a flight bound for Singapore.

The video shows a flight attendant walking down the isle whilst carrying the toddler on his shoulder. Then, he patting the little girl on her back. The little girl appeared to be calm as she rest her head on the flight attendant’s right shoulder.

The toddler’s father, @jeevan_jwa, uploaded the video on his Instagram and the action of the flight attendant in keeping her daughter calm receive his praise.

He said in his Instagram caption: “Really appreciate the sweet gesture of a staff, It was a surprise when my daughter felt comfort lying in the stewards shoulder, thanks to him. Lots of changes in this trip after Tatas takeover… “


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A post shared by Jeevan Venkatesh | JWA (@jeevan_jwa)

subsequently, the father posted an update after the flight attendant was recognized: “Update: I found the gentleman in my video, it’s @neil_nitin_ub thanks to all for making this viral and making it to reach him.”

Air India flight attendant, Neil Malkam, sweet gesture has received over 4 million views and 290 thousand likes on Instagram. Additionally, many social media users praising him for his act of kindness.

Sources:, Jeevan Venkatesh

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