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Celebrating Malaysia Day, How Can We Celebrate It Tomorrow?

Malaysia Day
Picture: BERNAMA

Malaysia Day, also known as Hari Malaysia falls on September, 16 and is an official public holiday for all Malaysians.

However, before 2010, Malaysia Day was a public holiday, especially for Sabah in conjunction with the birthday of Yang Di-Pertua Sabah state. For your information, it only becomes an official public holiday for Peninsula Malaysia and Sarawak in 2010.

Malaysia Day

Picture: BERNAMA

1) Enjoy Malaysian delicious food

We celebrated Independence Day on August, 31 at Dataran Merdeka. So, how do we celebrate Malaysia Day tomorrow? There are many ways for us, Malaysians to celebrate Malaysia Day. First and foremost, since it’s a public holiday tomorrow, why not grab the chance to enjoy our Malaysian delicious food? Malaysians love eating!

Of course, we do, we have various kinds of delicious food from many races such as Malay, Chinese and Indian food. Think of nasi lemak, rendang, roti canai dipped in curry, kuey toew goreng, Hainanese chicken rice… finger-lickin’ good. Let’s just sit at a table with our friends and family eating wonderful food.

Malaysia Day

Picture: nazar_ab

2) Visiting National monuments and historical places

Also, you can celebrate it by visiting National monuments and historical places. You can visit our National Monument, “Tugu Negara”. You can learn about the fallen soldiers who battled for the country’s unity and independence. It is a good day to remember and honor those who fought and lost their lives for our freedom today.

Do visit the National Museum too with your friends and family to learn about Malaysian history and culture. It’s a structure with traditional Malay and modern components. In addition to that, don’t forget to visit Malaysia’s pride and joy, the Petronas Twin Towers, the former tallest building in the world.

Malaysia Day

Picture: Rugged mom, Muzium Negara, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

3) Watch Malaysian old, historical films and documentaries

Moreover, on Malaysia Day you can catch up with old Malaysian films and historical films with your family and friends. Some films and documentaries just have a way of making us feel better and motivating us to do and be more for Malaysia.

Last but not least, enjoy your holiday everyone! And don’t forget to wave your Jalur Gemilang on Malaysia Day!

Sources: Office Holidays, Twin KL

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