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For Over A Decade, This Indian Man Has Kept His Right Arm Raised

Picture: Twitter

In honor of his deity, an Indian ‘sadhu’ monk has held his right arm in a vertical position for more than a decade. For your information, a ‘sadhu’ is a religious or holy person who has given up their worldly life.

Mahant Radheypuri Juna Akhara is a ‘sadhu’ from Allahabad, India. For more than 10 years, he has kept his right arm high above his head to honor a Hindu deity.

Interestingly, his story was posted on Twitter and the video went viral. In the video, he told the interviewer that he wanted to do something for his god so that his god would pay attention to him. So, he decided to put his right arm up and never put it down again. Today, it’s kind of stuck in that position, and he says he doesn’t even feel it anymore.


Picture: Twitter

According to him, an initial couple of years were the hardest. Then, the arm’s muscles get so weak that the whole limb goes numb and gets stuck in that strange position. Also, in the video, Juna Akhara even pinches himself to show that he can no longer feel anything.

You can watch the video below:

In addition to that, he even sleeps with his right arm in that strange position. When asked how long he planned to keep his arm that way, he said he hadn’t even thought about it. He adds he prefers to live in the present, but he expects to keep his arm up for the rest of his life.

Sources: Oddity Central, Twitter

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