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Four Killed As ‘Explosive’ Typhoon Noru Hits The Philippines


A typhoon struck the main island of the Philippines. It resulted in the deaths of four rescue workers and also the disappearance of one.

Formerly categorized as a super typhoon, Typhoon Noru generated winds of up to 240kph (149mph) on the island of Luzon, where more than half of the country’s 110 million populations reside. A it reached landfall west of Luzon, the typhoon, according to the forecasters, underwent “explosive intensification.

Noru is the strongest storm that has struck the Philippines this year. The governor for the region of Bulacan, Daniel Fernando stated that five people from the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Offices swept away during rescue operations by flash floods.

In the next hour, heavy rainfall also predicts along the route of the storm. “Under these conditions, widespread flooding and rain-induced landslides are expected.”

“Especially in areas that are highly or very highly susceptible,” PAGASA continued.

More than 74,000 people evacuated from the path of the typhoon. And the officials had previously issued warnings of “severe flooding” in parts of Manila.

“I think we may have gotten lucky, at least this time,” said Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos during a briefing on Monday. “I think it’s clear from what we did these last two days is that, very, very important, is preparation,” he  added.

“It’s not yet over. I think the point when we can stand down is when the majority of evacuees are already back in their homes,” he said.

President’s actions

President of Philippines has ordered the airlifting of supplies and the delivery of cleanup equipment to the most devastated communities.

In Quezon Province, east of Manila, fishermen previously prohibited from going to sea. Also, there were reports of power outages in several places.

Several flights and ferries put on hold. On Luzon, President Marcos suspended all government operations and school classes.

In the municipality of Dingalan located northeast of Manila on the Pacific coast, inhabitants compel to seek refuge.

Sources: BBC, CNN

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