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Let’s Meet The Blue Version of Bees Called The Blue-Banded Bees

Picture: Shutterstock / Karthi Keyan, Erica Siegel Native bee enthusiast, Nick Volpe

We have always encountered brown and yellow bees. But do you know? Not all bees are brown and yellow, some are blue! Meet the blue-banded bee, a type of bee in blue color.

Blue-banded bees, known as Amegilla cingulate as their scientific name, can be throne as one of the prettiest bees in the whole wide world.

They have metallic blue bands around their abdomen, making everyone in awe with their beautiful color. They also have lush golden and white fluff, enormous green eyes that can hypnotize you, and tan-colored wings.

Males and Females

The number of bands are the way to differentiate. Males have more bands with 5 bands on display, as the females only have 4 bands. Adult blue-banded bees tend to grow up to 10mm and 12mm.

blue banded bees

Picture: Erica Siegel Native bee enthusiast

Where to find them?

They’re native Australian bee species that produce a type of pollination known as ‘buzz pollination‘. This pollination is beneficial to Australian farmers as it’s good for their crops. These bees can be found all over Australia, except Tasmania and the Northern territory. They also have native populations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, India, and East Timor. They enjoy outspreading everywhere, from rural areas to tropical forests, as well as open areas.

They like blue

They’re rumored to be attracted to blue and purple flowers. But, it’s not true. According to Australian Museum, just like their color, blue-banded bees are attracted to blue objects. This includes blue clothing as well. So, if you want to summon these pretty bees to be around you, do wear blue clothing in their area. They’ll for sure come to you!

Sources: Australian Geographic, Australian Museum, Land for Wildlife,

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