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Malaysian School Students Receive Praise After Reenacting “Mat Kilau”

Mat Kilau

With the conclusion of Malaysia Day last Friday, many Malaysians have shown their national spirit in celebrating the holiday. Different people celebrated Malaysia Day in a variety of ways.

A group of school students certainly caught the eye of many people with their reenactment of the hit movie Mat Kilau.

The video titled “The Epic of Mat Kilau” was posted on YouTube on the Sektor Sumber Teknologi Pendidikan Perlis YouTube channel. Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perlis (JPN) did a “Mat Kilau Film Short Video Competition” which is what the viral video is for.

The school students from SK Putra reenacted a scene in the movie where Wahid, a friend of the protagonist Mat Kilau, rushed home to his wife dying after being stabbed by the antagonist.

The school students perfectly reenacted the scene and were able to capture the same emotions that you can see in the movie Mat Kilau. The video gained 40 thousand views since it premiered on YouTube. You can watch the entirety of the video below:

Not only that, TikTok user @ceoalonee posted the video on his TikTok account which has attracted a lot of viewers. The video has since received close to 1 million views on their TikTok account.


Meremang tengok adik ii ni berlakon, besok mat kilau di netflix geng 😍

♬ original sound – Bobby – Bobby

In addition to that, the video received a ton of comments full of praise for the school kids. A commenter said “These kids are talented” referring to their acting abilities, which are truly a joy to watch.

Mat Kilau

Picture: TikTok

Whilst another commenter praised the camera, cinematography and actors of the video.

Mat Kilau

Picture: TikTok

The movie Mat Kilau, directed by Syamsul Yusof, received RM100 million in earnings since it release in cinemas nationwide. You can now watch the epic movie on Netflix.

Source: SSTPJPNPERLIS, @ceoalonee

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