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Marvel ‘Armor Wars’ Disney+ Series Becomes A Featured Film

Armor Wars
Picture: Marvel

Marvel announces Disney+ series ‘Armor Wars’ will become a featured film. The decision came due to creative changes.

Marvel revealed that throughout the creative process for the series, they stated that the plot was better suited for a featured film. The decision will ultimately push back the film release date down the line.

While other Disney+ series already made their appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), production for Armor Wars has halted for some time now.

Initially revealed back in 2020, only at the recent D23 Expo, fans were given news regarding the now-featured MCU film.

Armor Wars

Picture: Marvel

Don Cheadle will still be playing Colonel James Rhodes also known as War Machine. Don Cheadle has appeared many times as War Machine ever since replacing Terrence Howard back in the 2010 Iron Man 2 movie.

Initially, the Disney+ series follows the events of Phase 3, which includes War Machine’s closest friend Tony Stark’s death.

The series’ storyline will focus on the idea of Tony Stark’s armor suits and tech falling into the wrong hands.

The Armor Wars series will take place after the events of the Secret Invasion. Don Cheadle will also make an appearance in that series.

The studio is determined to make sure they get the story of Armor Wars right.  They decided a movie rather than a Disney+ series was the best way to go.

The film’s original screenwriter, Yassir Lester, is still on board to create the script. As a result of this new development, the initial target year for the production of 2023 will be pushed back.

Source: Marvel, ScreenRant

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