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Netizens Accused For ‘Worshipping’ Khairul Aming, Man Faces Major Backlash

netizens accused

netizens accusedNetizens accused on social media platforms are the things that have been talked about by a lot of people nowadays. The issue is actually about some of the accusations to the netizens by a particular man of ‘worshipping’ Khairul Aming. That is very ridiculous.

To those who might not know, a tweet by a Twitter user that goes by the name @tweetsbunga went viral recently. Her tweet shows some kind of rant from a man saying that people treat Khairul Aming like statue and Malaysians worship him here in the country.

Netizens Accused For Looking Up To Khairul Aming

The posting does not seem to end well for the man. Firstly, various condemnations and also criticisms by the netizens said to him in the comments section. This is definitely because he was going too far by accusing Khairul Aming of being an idol that many ‘worships’. At the end of the day, people need to understand the difference between worshiping and being amazed by someone’s success.

Previously, Khairul Aming shared a 5-minute video on his social media platforms for his 30th birthday on how he become the person that he is now. This is because, the story of Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman, has touched the hearts of the Malaysians.

From being an unknown oil and gas engineer to the Khairul Aming that he is today, his journey is something that people can take inspiration from. That is the reason why many people in the country look up to Khairul Aming. His effort and strength are great.

Sources: Twitter

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