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Teenager Risks Life, Suffers Electric Shock to Save Child Trapped In Flood

Picture: Nation Thailand, Olivia Chloe

One brave teenager was determined to risk his own life and got electrocuted while rescuing a child trapped in a flood during a recent incident in Udon Thani, Thailand.

The Thaiger reported that everything started when part of the Udon Thani region in northern Thailand got hit by a flood, causing several locations to be affected.

Unfortunately, a child aged 12 (the victim) was trapped in flood. At that time, the child is near a power pole near a school in the Udon Thani region.

When he saw the victim, 19 years old Atthachai Argudom determine to save the child. However, his action caused him to also suffer from electric shocks. But fortunately, both of them were rescued later by the rescuers and rushed to a hospital.

Praised for his heroic act


Photo: Nation Thailand

The Top Thai Officials and acting PM Prawit praised him for his heroic act. The governor of Udon Thani, Siam Sirimongkol was willing to visit him at the hospital. He thanked Attachai for his brave deed, and also gifted the teenager with a new mobile phone.

Meanwhile, the mother of the 12-year-old child also visited the hero who saved her son to express her infinite gratitude. She said, if Atthachai had not done such an act, his son would have drowned and she thanked him for his “bravery and good deed”.

As reported by The Nation Thailand, the floods and rainstorms that hit Thailand at the moment bring ‘challenges’ to all the people in the country. Thankfully, a hero like Atthachai does little to ease the burden faced by the people and make the situation better.

Sources: The Thaiger, Siakap Keli, Olivia Chloe, Udon Next Step

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