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Too Many Flies? This Stall Owner Shows How To Prevent It

Picture: @pondokminang.hq

Flies can be a big problem, especially for food stall owners. Have you ever seen a food stall owner hang a plastic bag filled with water over their food? Why do you think they do that?

TikTok user @pondokminang.hq gives his insight on why he hangs water over his food. He uploaded a video that went viral showing why he hangs the plastic bag over his food. Take a look at his video below:


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He explains that the reason he did that is to deter flies that come to his stall.

@pondokminang.hq said that the area where he sells his food has many flies. This is the only method that works to keep them away.

Before this, he tried multiple different techniques before trying the plastic bag method including burning lemongrass and lighting a candle in a bowl but it didn’t work.

He then explains that a customer told him about the plastic bag method and decided to try it out. Surprisingly, the method was able to reduce the number of flies that fly around there.

Why does it work?

Light rays reflected from these water bags and discs mislead the pests, and fly away instead of landing at the food.

The crucial point to remember is that the light refraction and reflections only cause the flies to be momentarily disoriented if they happen to be flying toward that water bag or hanging disc.

After circling these lights for a bit, they may decide to try a different route, which might lead them directly to your food.

Some flies would be deterred momentarily by the use of water bags and reflective discs, but other flies would find ways to overcome such a feeble barrier.

When it comes to controlling fly populations, another way is needed to completely get rid of the flies.

Sources: @pondokminang.hq, Rentokill

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