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Climate Change Is A Very Serious Issue, These Are Concerned Celebrities

climate change

Climate change has been a so serious issue that got talked about by many people. Everyone in this whole wide world is concerned about this situation. Scientists have been so stressed about this and they are trying to create awareness.

Luckily, some celebrities have used their own influence and status to help spread this concern. With their action, the number of people that take this matter seriously has increased. Hopefully, this major problem could be solved soon.

Celebrities Concerned With Climate Change

1) Leonardo DiCaprio

Picture: Architectural Digest

First of all, he has always been a climate change activist. According to the People website, he once laucnhed a namesake foundation in the year 1998. The main purpose for it was to respond to the climate change crisis that is getting serious. He hopes that their action could help to maintain the stability of life in planet Earth. A great effort.

2) Jaden Smith

climate change

Picture: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

In the year 2015, he has created a company called JUST Water. The company purpose is to make a product that could change the petroleum-based product. He said in an interview, “We all have to do our part in helping the environment and giving back to the world”. All in all, wise words coming from him.

3) Prince William

Picture: The Royal Family

As a member of the royal family, it would totally make sense if he cares a lot about the mother nature. He always finding ideas. They are the ideas to take down the threaths towards the nature. Next, he rewarded an amount of money to the person who succeed on making improvement on climate change problem and also conservation.

4) Mark Ruffalo

climate change

Picture: Looper

Not long ago, he has made an effort to stop climate change by working with The Solutions Project. That is indeed to make transitions for the Americans to use renewable energy by the year 2050. He wrote in an article, “We are in a race against climate change. If we don’t make dramatic changes soon, it won’t matter what political faction we align ourselves with or how much wealth we amass”.

5) BTS

Picture: TheVerge

This group used to promote the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in 2019. For those who might not know, this is a race that is fully using electric cars. Reported in the People website, they also have released a video full of beautiful earthy imagery. Last but  not least, this could really help the planet from getting worse.

Sources: People.

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