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What To Include? Preparing Emergency Grab-and-Go Bag During Flood

Emergency Bag
Picture: BERNAMA

Malaysia is about to be hit with another onslaught of heavy rain and an emergency grab-and-go bag is what every Malaysian need in their household.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department recently shared on Twitter about the heavy rain storm that will occur for the next few days throughout Malaysia. The possibility of floods occurring is definitely on the high end.

This will surely worry some people’s minds. If you recall late last year, Malaysia was hit by a severe rain storm that caused flash floods to occur in some parts of the country.

People were cut off from emergency services and stranded for help due to the floods. The floods also caused electricity in some parts of the area to be shut off. Malaysians had no way of calling for help and were helpless for several days, waiting for help to arrive.

Malaysians need to prepare themselves in case of something like this were to happen again.

Every household that is in danger of natural disasters should have one emergency grab-and-go bag of essentials.

What to include in an emergency grab-and-go bag

An emergency bag is important as it contains all the essentials needed to survive for a few days. It is important to keep the bag in an easily accessible place where it is easy for you to grab and go in case of emergency.

The following list can help you plan on what to include inside the bag:

  • Enough clothes, shoes, and blankets
  • A whistle
  • Extra money
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Long shelf life food such as instant noodles and canned foods or MRE packets (Meal, Read-to-Eat)
  • Small battery-powered radio
  • First aid kit, medicine and hygiene products
  • A lot of bottled water (or a LifeStraw or Sawyer for filtering dirty water)
  • Mobile phones and solar-powered power banks
  • Personal documents (Birth certificate, important  documents, identity cards)
  • Mini stove and gas
  • Life jackets

Disasters can happen unexpectedly so an emergency bag is useful in those situations. We hope that this list will help you prepare in case of any disasters.

Sources: BERNAMA

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