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Flash Floods In Ulu Chepor: 93 People Evacuated As of 8 A.M. Wednesday

flash floods

The number of flash floods victims at Rancangan Perkampungan Tersusun (RPT) Chepor here has increased to 93 people as of 8 am today, from 55 people last night.

A spokesperson for the Perak Fire and Rescue Department said the department was alerted about the floods at 10.05 pm yesterday, which led to the evacuation of 55 people as of midnight to a relief center at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Klebang

“As of 8 am today, the number of evacuees at the relief center has increased to 93 people, involving 33 families,” he said in a statement.

He said the department was still monitoring the situation.

Several areas in Ulu Chepor were reported to be flooded following continuous heavy rain since yesterday afternoon.

As the flash floods season has come, here are a few tips that people need to do during the flood:

  • make sure to get frequent updates on the flood
  • relocate to higher ground, and from nearby drainage such as rivers, drains, and open spaces
  • make sure you have emergency supplies and evacuate quickly
  •  make sure children don’t play in floodwaters, and keep away children from drains, rivers, and mining pools.

People should NOT:

  • go wandering aimlessly in sampans or wading through floodwaters.
  • touch a fallen electrical cables
  • swallow or drink floodwaters
  • drive through flood area

Source: BERNAMA, The Stoly


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