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YouTube Now Locking 4k Resolution For Premium Users Only


A user on Reddit have reported that YouTube is now locking 4k resolution for premium users only.

YouTube has not clarified this, however several users have seen a new trial that restricts 4K video resolution to YouTube Premium subscribers only.

The individual who discovered it uploaded the image to Reddit. As shown in the image below, the 2160p (4K) choice is accompanied with the term Premium.

Not only that, but the words “Tap to upgrade” appear just beside it. Many have commented on the online forum site that they also had that option on their phones. Take a look at the image below:


Picture: Reddit

This premium option seems like it is a test. There has not been any announcements or news regarding the matter.

Considering that many people also use tablets, computers, and TVs to view YouTube videos, this might be a major inconvenience for a large number of people.

YouTube Premium in Malaysia can be subscribed at a price of RM17.90/month for an individual package, RM26.90/month for a family package, and RM10.90/month for students.

This news comes after the fact that YouTube was reportedly testing 5 unskippable ads for those who do not have the premium option.

Generally speaking, this upgrade option is likely to make a lot of people very sad and angry. They have not done this kind of thing before.

Source: Wiser, Technave, ihatesmokealarms

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