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Prioritize Your Mental Health With These Fun Exercises

Picture: India TV News

Nowadays, people are beginning to prioritize mental health, whether it is their theirs or other people’s. Mental well-being includes our psychological, emotional, and our social well-being.

Do you know that there are fun ways to improve our mental health? From a sharing on Twitter, @Axfyna lists five exercises that can improve your mental well-being.

Try these fun exercises to improve your mental health

1) Dancing


Picture: Elemental-medium

  • Dancing can help your brain to become more active. Besides that, it can also sharpen the memory in your brain! How cool is that? 
  • You do not necessarily have to go to a dance class to dance. You can do it at home! Just turn on YouTube, and dance all you want.

2) Listening to music


Picture: BBC Music Magazine

  • Listening to music can enhance the creativity of your brain. 
  • According to research, listening to happy songs helps in generating innovative solutions than just being silent.
  • You can also learn to play musical instruments. It is never too late to do so!

3) Try something new every day


Picture: Bike Radar

  • You do not have to stick to the same old daily routine always.
  • For instance, you may take a longer route to work. Aside from that, you may also try riding a bike instead of driving your car.
  • By doing this, you would be surprised how your thinking will change for the better.

4) Learning a new language


Picture: Middlebury

  • According to studies, speaking more than one language helps improve your memory. Moreover, it will help enhance visual-spatial skills.
  • You will also have a creative mind.
  • There are many ways to learn new languages. Try installing Duolingo

5) Playing card games or jigsaw puzzles


Picture: Wikimedia Commons

  • It does not matter if you are young or old. There is no age limit for playing games. 
  • Playing mini-games can stimulate your thinking skills.

Sound fun, right? What are you waiting for? Let’s prioritize our mental well-being!

Source: Twitter Axfyna, Healthline

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