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A Heartwarming Video Of A Daughter Receiving A Gift From Her Father

Picture: nurshahirah93

Getting a gift from someone means a lot to us, especially if it is from our own parents. There is no denying that a gift from them means more than from anyone else.

Our parents go through more than we can imagine so it really means a lot when we receive something from them. It shows the love that they have for us as their children.

TikTok user @nurshahirah93 posted a tear-jerking video of her eldest daughter receiving a gift from her father. Even though she is still young, she cries the moment she receives the gift which is a bag pack from MR DIY.  Catch the full TikTok video below:


Cerita 2hari lepas kakak dan papa pergi kakak cakap dekat papa Wahhh cntikNya beg poney ni,tapi ade satu je kalo org lain beli habis la..kakak ni kalo nk ape2 dia ckp kias2 mcm tu je,papa saja je xbeli nk ajar anak xsemua bnda yg dia nak terus dapat..tggu masa sesuai insyallah papa belikan..Syukur sngt dapat anak sulung yg sngat memahami susah org tua..🤲🏻

♬ Instrumen Sedih – Yuda pratama

@nurshahirah93 wrote in the video captions that her daughter saw the bag, she said that she wanted it. However, the mother said that if the daughter wants something, she will say it indirectly without asking them.

Her father initially didn’t buy the bag because he wanted her daughter to learn that everything that she wants in life, she will not get it all. But after that, her father surprises her with the gift.

She later cries, probably from being overwhelmed with the gift. She also thanks her father for the bag pack. The mother also wrote that she is thankful to have a daughter that understand their struggles.

Despite being at a young age, she can already show her gratefulness to her parents. Her parents really did raise her up well.

Source: @nurshahirah93

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