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Dermatologist Warns Against Using Skincare “Hacks That Don’t Work”

skincare hacks

Everyone hopes to have skin that is free of acne and looks radiant and healthy. However, in today’s world, where we have unpredictable schedules, chaotic lives, and polluted environments, getting clear skin is a monumental effort.

It’s not surprising that many internet users give a try t0 every skincare hack they hear about. To what extent, though, do they work? Certainly not always!

A dermatologist, Dr. Aanchal Panth stated that “crushing a tablet and applying it on the skin doesn’t work,”. She said that the active ingredient gets into the skin because of the medium in which it is dissolved. “So, even though these seem like plausible hacks, avoid them,” the expert said, listing three hacks that are bad for your skin.

Hacks that don’t work

Vitamin C tablet


Picture: Everyday Health

Crushing a vitamin C tablet, and dissolving it in glycerine or rose water, or any oil just doesn’t work. You will not get the benefits of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a very unstable molecule. It has to be dissolved in a correct vehicle at a particular pH for it to be effective.


use a vitamin C serum. If you find it expensive use it only 2-3 times a week in the morning. This way a bottle will last you 3 months You will still get benefits.

Vitamin E capsule


Picture: Health Shots

This is a popular one. Breaking a capsule and applying it on the face and hair is a common practice. It gives no real benefit. It is like applying oil.

Though applying this on the hair may not cause any harm as it just firms a coating on hair strands. But in the skin, it might actually cause irritation and sometimes been acne eruptions.


Use vitamin E-based creams instead

Disprin tablet


Picture: Healthdirect

It contains acetylsalicylic acid. But it can use burns on the skin. Please stay away from doing this hack. Though the above two may not be effective, they do not harm the skin. This hack can actually harm your skin.


Use a salicylic acid serum

Source: Dr. Aanchal

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