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Covid-19: 7 Tips To Stay Productive While Working At Home

Picture via the New York Times

Starting today, many workers began working from home after the Movement Control Order was implemented. But, to people that do not familiar with work at home, how must be done to stay productive?

According to Lokadata, here are 7 tips for working from home, as summarized by Mental Floss.

1. Special working area

Specify a room or special area for work. “For me, when entering the office – which is a doorway with a desk – means I go to work,” said Virginia Ginsburg, owner of the Sweel Strategies business consulting company. Virginia has been working from home for 12 years.

2. Create a schedule

If you delay work for one hour, then you will pay overtime. Just like working in an office.

So set a schedule, start on time, with your hopes also finished on time. Work hours are up to you, as long as they don’t interfere with colleagues or business.

3. Decent clothing

Working from home does not mean you wear nightgowns all day. Try to keep showering early and dress properly. No need for material pants and shirts. As long as it’s neat and clean, surely you can focus more.

4. Don’t delay work

You should stay on track. Don’t delay work to do other homework. Thus, your productivity does not slacken. Step on the gas pol to finish on time. You can immediately do the pending task.

5. Rest

Just like people work in offices, you also need rest. Research shows, you will be more productive when you return to work after resting. Try to get up from your chair and move.

The recommended time is 52 minutes of work, 17 minutes rest.

6. Antisocial

When working, make sure you are not tempted to glance at social media accounts. Path, Twitter, Facebook, all you can read and comment on later. At rest, or after work. As far as possible keep the device out of reach.

7. Take responsibility

If you feel tired at the end of the day, please try to monitor working hours. For example, you feel you have been productive, it turns out that only 5 hours of work. Then there is the issue of productivity which should be addressed immediately.

In the practice of working from home, you also need to pay attention to health. Below are several tips that you can try.

  • Choose chairs and desks that are suitable for supporting sitting postures
  • Get up from the chair every hour
  • Make sure healthy snacks are always available in the kitchen and refrigerator
  • Stay sociable even though you have no coworkers at home.

Source: lokadata

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