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Tips For Lush And Healthy Hair? Use These 8 Effective Ways!

Lush and thick hair is a dream come true for both men and women. However, there are certain factors that may lead to hair thinning, hair loss, and damaged hair. A trip to the Salon or hair spa isn’t the only solution to rejuvenate your hair.

During this pandemic especially, you may opt for simple tips to help you achieve the healthy hair you’ve been dreaming of at the convenience of your home.

#Tip1: Protect your hair


Always protect your hair from the sun, wind, and rain. Too much exposure to sun, heat, rain, and pollutants worsens your hair issue. Dirt build-up, hair and scalp dryness, and risk of scalp infection are some of the results from this factor. To protect your hair, you may use an umbrella, a cloth, or even a hat to cover your head.

#Tip2: Deal with wet hair gently


After a wash, your hair is very brittle as it may break easily. When shampooing, be gentle because aggressive scrubbing leads to hair breakage. Also, avoid brushing your hair immediately after a shower and use a big comb to brush later on.

#Tip3: Condition the right way

Picture: The Spruce

Condition is meant to be used for the tip of your hair and never on your scalp. Lots of people make mistakes by applying conditions to their scalp. This causes your scalp to be excessively oily and leads to hair fall.

#Tip4: Be mindful of the heat


The best way to dry your hair is by air drying. You can either sit under a fan or just let the air surrounding you do the job. If possible, avoid using heat tools for your hair frequently. Heat strips away the moisture from your hair, leaving them dry and frizzy. Over usage of heat, tools can cause hair burns as well. But if you must use heating tools, adjust the temperature before using.

#Tip5: Avoid tight hair ties

Woman making hair bun

Refrain from using tight hair ties. Opt for scrunchies or hair ties made from cloth. Tying your hair tightly causes friction which then leads to breakage. That is why sometimes when we untie our hair, we notice few strands attached to it.

#Tips6: Choose satin pillow covers

Picture: Us Weekly

Sleeping on satin pillow covers helps reduce hair breakage. Cotton and other material are known to have a rough texture and hence causes friction as you sleep.

#Tips7: Dry hair cautiously

Picture: Adventhair

Avoid rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel. Instead, pat them dry. Rubbing your hair vigorously helps it dry faster but also causes you hair to break a lot faster too. Also, try using a cotton t-shirt to tie up your wet hair instead of a towel.

#Tips8: Oil your scalp

Picture: Vedix

Oiling your scalp at least once a week is a good routine. There are many types of oil known to promote growth and maintain shiny and healthy hair. But bear in mind not to oil too frequently. Your scalp secretes natural oil. Oiling frequently will cause clogging and you will need to use too much shampoo to remove it. By doing so, you are going to damage your hair.

Sources: Stylecraze

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