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Is It True That Sitting Is Bad For You?

Picture: Ted Ed Youtube

Our everyday lives are occupied with us sitting down. I bet you are sitting down right now. You sit on your bed after waking up from sleep, you sit while eating, driving, working, and tons more.

However, do you know that there are hidden risks of sitting down? Of course, there are advantages to sitting down as it helps us to relieve stress and recuperate. But sitting down too frequently might be bad for your health.

Our body is designed for us to move. Look at our body structures. Our body has 360 joints, and 700 skeletal muscles which are meant for us to move.

Thus, what happens if we sit and do not move?

The risks of sitting

The significant problem lies in our backbone. Our backbones are attached to joints, muscles, and ligaments. Do you realize that when we sit, our backs will be curved, and our shoulders become slumped? This position puts uneven pressure on our spine which causes the spinal disc to tear and become worn. Not only that, but this position will also put strains on our muscles. No wonder we complain so much about our back hurting!


Picture: Harvard Health

Moreover, when we sit down in the position above mentioned position,  our chest cavity will shrink. This will cause the lungs to have less space to be able to expand when we breathe. Besides that, sitting down causes our concentration and brain activity to become low. No wonder we always run off ideas while working!


Picture: Everydaywell

According to certain research, sitting can cause cancer and heart disease. Aside from that, diabetes, liver, and kidney problems are also the side effect of sitting. Shockingly, 9% of premature deaths a year are caused by inactivity.


To sit down seems a harmless thing to do, but the effect is so big. Thus, what should you do?

The solution is simple. Just move around every half an hour, and you will be good.

Watch the video for further explanation:

Source: Ted Ed Youtube

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