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Malaysians Ask, When Is The Public Holiday After PM’s Announced?

public holiday
Pictures: Twitter, HiClipart

Malaysians have been asking, “when is the public holiday?” For the past month, the 15th General Election has been filling up every corner of the news. Manifestos were preached, campaigns were made, and Malaysians voted for their new leader on the 19th of November.

After long weeks of discussions, speculations and conclusions, today, on the 24th of November, marks the day we finally get to know who’s our next prime minister. It’s no other than the credible Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim! Congratulations to DSAI!

Well, we’re done with the election part. What’s next?

Despite the chaos of the 15th General Election, many Malaysians were united, asking, “when is the public holiday?”

As we all know, usually after every election, the next government will announce a public holiday. However, things were a bit different after the GE15 this year.

Unlike the previous elections, there wasn’t a solid win for any parties competing in the GE15. Therefore, Malaysia was left ‘government-less’ for a few days. And this causes no holiday announcement (and everyone is sad about this).

‘Public Holiday’ is trending on Twitter, again!

‘Public Holiday’ trended on Twitter shortly after the results were out. Not only that, but some TikTok users also uploaded their despair as they had to work on Monday when it supposedly should be a public holiday.

Lishantra (@lishantra8) on TikTok uploaded a video everyone could relate to. (The anger though, we feel you.)


Malaysians, I know y’all can relate! #fyp #ge15 #malaysia #viral #funny #relatable #publicholiday #malaysiamemilih

♬ original sound – Aaron 🫢

Additionally, Muhammad Faisal on TikTok shared a video that really expressed our dismay that Monday morning:


🥲#CapCut #holidayexpectation #holiday #publicholiday #vikram #trending #fypシ゚viral #anniyan

♬ original sound – Muhammad faisal – Muhammad faisal

And today, it’s taking over the app again!

public holiday

Picture: Twitter

Many users are wondering since DSAI is now Malaysia’s 10th prime minister, when will he announce the holiday?

public holiday

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

public holiday

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

So, are we getting a holiday or not?

Sources: TikTok Lishantra, TikTok Muhammad Faisal, Twitter

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