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Werewolf Syndrome? A Condition That Makes You Have Abnormal Hair Growth

werewolf syndrome
Picture: @lalitpatidar520 (Instagram)

Hypertrichosis, also known as “Werewolf syndrome”, is a rare skin condition where a person can have an abnormal amount of hair growth. The hair can grow all over the body and face and can affect both males and females.

The Werewolf syndrome is an extremely rare skin condition. Reportedly, ever since the Middle Ages, only around 50 people have the skin condition.

Teenager Lalit Patidar is one of the person in this world that has this rare skin condition. The teenager from Madhya Pradesh’s Nandleta village is covered with hair all over his body and face.

According to the Indian Express, he had this condition ever since he was 6, and was bullied because of it. People called him “monkey man” and he had to temporarily shave off the hair in order to look normal.

Not only that, he said that children used to throw stones at him when he was young. They said that he looked like a mythical creature. Lalit also said to the Daily Star that there is no cure for the condition and he had “learn to live with it”.

Types of hypertrichosis

There are various types of hypertrichosis with different types of hair growing.

Nevoid hypertrichosis, Congenital hypertrichosis terminalis (CGHT), and Hypertrichosis lanuginosa are the three types of congenital hypertrichosis that can occur depending on the hair.

Hirsutism, which results from excessive androgen-sensitive hair growth, is likewise hereditary but can develop later in life, affecting both women and children.

Acquired hypertrichosis develops later in life. This type results in excessive hair growth in small patches or on all hair-growing parts of the body.

Sources: Indian Express, Daily Star, Lalit Patidar Instagram

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