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Fattah Amin’s Nephew Needs Help To Cover RM9 Million Treatment

Picture: raihanaminz & fattahaminz (Instagram)

The popular actor and the husband of Nur Fazura, Fattah Amin, recently shared on his Instagram post about his baby nephew. His nephew and the baby’s mother, which is Fattah Amin’s younger sister, need the public’s help to donate some money for the treatment.

The baby, known as Naail, needs a medication called Zolgensma which costs $1.9 million or RM9 million. Zolgensma is the most expensive medication in the United States.


Picture: fattahaminz (Instagram)

Naail is suffering from a genetic disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1. The result was out when he was four months old.

According to Naail’s mother and Fattah Amin’s sister, Naail is different since he was born. Different from his other siblings, Naail’s cry is very soft. Besides that, he has a hard time swallowing his saliva and tends to take time when is fed. He also sleeps much, and rarely moves, especially his feet. His state becomes concerning when Naail has fast and heavy breathing.


Picture: raihanaminz (Instagram)

RM9 million is a huge amount of money. Thus, whoever wants to help Naail may send their help through Naail’s father at 01119961551. Any NGO that would like to help also can reach Naail’s father.


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Added Fattah Amin, the treatment plan must be achieved before his nephew turns six months old, which is two months from now.

We hope many people can lend a hand to help Naail and his family.

Source: fattahaminz (Instagram), raihanaminz (Instagram)

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